Maggie Lakes Backpack in November

Zoie, our orange and somewhat spunky cat looked at me with disdain as I slowly rolled over from a deep sleep to turn off my alarm clock...

Mt. Laguna Bike Ride

We got off to a bit of a slow start today, so we only did a six mile bike ride, but it was nearly perfect for those six miles! It was a lightly travelled back-road on Mt. Laguna with a good surface, and it had some good climbing involved...

Will Ride for Pie

Enough with the concrete already. We need dirt, and trees, and hills to ride up and down. And pie. Yes, dirt, trees, hills, and pie! Brilliant!

Another Bay Bike Loop

We did another bike ride today -- this time for 17 miles...

Mission Bay Loop

Today we took another bike ride to help get the little man get used to the bike trailer...

A Solo Backpack

Jeannie spent the past few days showing off little Mason to our friends and family in Portland, which gave me the opportunity to get out on another adventure...

Finally. Back to Backpacking

It has been a long time since I've been backpacking. Having a child will do things like that...

First Camping Trip With a Toddler

Yeah, I was pretty hesitant at first. Camping with a 10 month old seemed like misery, but I also really wanted to see some mountains. To walk in alpine meadows. To look at the stars.

Breakfast on the Bay

Looking for ways to inject small bits of adventure into our daily lives...

A Solo Mt. Laguna Hike

Blue skies, great temps, and snakes.


Pacific Crest Trail

Pacific Crest Trail

We started walking north from the Mexican Border. Six months and over 2600 miles later, we emerged several miles into Canada. Along the way, we walked through deserts, dense forests, and spectacular mountains.

Colorado Trail

Colorado Trail

Missing the scenery and freedom experienced on the PCT, we set off again to walk. This time, we spent a month hiking through Colorado from Denver to Durango. The scenery was great and the weather was wild!

Japan 2011

Japan 2011

Early in 2011, we had the privelage of spending three months in Japan. We sampled much of the country, spending time in Nagoya, Tokyo, Osaka, Hakata, and Kagoshima.

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